Web ActiveX deployment requirements (IM)

Microsoft stopped shipping the Microsoft Java VM as of the Windows XP SP 1a release and the Windows 2000 SP 4 release, and the Microsoft Java VM is not supported in PowerBuilder 9 or later. If you use the DataWindow Web control for ActiveX and your Web page uses a JDBC connection, the Web ActiveX has additional deployment requirements:

  • The Sun JRE 1.2 or later must be installed on the client. Users can download the latest version of the JRE from the Sun Java Web site.

  • The path to the file jvm.dll (...\JRE\bin\client for JRE 1.4 or later and ...\JRE\bin\classic for JRE 1.2 or 1.3) must be added to each user's system PATH environment variable.

  • The following files must be in a directory in the client's system PATH environment variable: pbjvm90.dll, pbvm90.dll, and libjcc.dll for PowerBuilder 9, or pbjvmXXX.dll and pbshrXXX.dll for later versions.

  • The pbjdbc12XXX.jar file, which contains class files required by the Web ActiveX, must be deployed to the client. You can deploy the JAR file by referencing it in the CODEBASE attribute of the Object element in your Web page.

  • Java classes required by your database vendor's client layer must be available on the client. They can be added to a CAB file that is referenced in the CODEBASE attribute of the Object element in your Web page. For example, if you are using Sybase jConnect to connect to a database, the jconn2.jar file should be included in the CAB file. If the client layer is provided in a JAR file, it can be referenced directly in the CODEBASE attribute.