PowerBuilder Classic and PowerBuilder .NET

PowerBuilder 12.0 installs with two separate IDEs. The familiar PowerBuilder IDE is rebranded as PowerBuilder Classic. The new IDE is called PowerBuilder .NET.

The PowerBuilder Classic IDE retains the same basic functionality as in earlier PowerBuilder releases. The PowerBuilder .NET IDE hosts the Visual Studio isolated shell and is designed for compliance with the common language specifications for .NET.

PowerBuilder .NET includes one new target type (WPF Window Application) and two new project types (WPF Window and WCF Client Proxy). You can migrate PowerBuilder Classic client-server and Windows Forms targets to PowerBuilder .NET using the WPF Window Application target wizard.

The .NET Assembly target type is available in both PowerBuilder Classic and PowerBuilder .NET, but in PowerBuilder .NET, you can take advantage of language enhancements for fuller .NET compliance. You can also migrate .NET Assembly targets from PowerBuilder Classic to PowerBuilder .NET.

For information about PowerBuilder .NET targets and projects, see the PowerBuilder .NET Features Guide.