Enhancements to the Runtime Packager

In PowerBuilder 12.0, the Runtime Packager is enhanced to allow generation of a Microsoft Merge Module (MSM file) instead of an MSI file.

If you select the PowerBuilder .NET Components option, the MSM or MSI file created by the Runtime Packager now includes the runtime files required for applications developed in the new PowerBuilder .NET IDE. However, the installation package you create with the PowerBuilder .NET Components option still includes the runtime files required for .NET applications and components that you develop in the PowerBuilder Classic IDE.

In the Runtime Packager, you can also select an option to include DLL files required for exporting graph or DataWindow data to a file with the Microsoft Excel 2007 format. The Sybase.PowerBuilder.DataWindow.Excel12.dll and PBDWExcel12Interop120.dll files are added to the MSM or MSI file when you select the MS Excel12 Support check box and create an installation package from the Runtime Packager. The Microsoft Excel 2007 format also requires .NET Framework 3.0 or later, but this must be installed separately on the runtime computer, since it is not included in the package generated from the Runtime Packager.