Scope of configurations discussed in this book

PowerServer architecture is a typical n-tier architecture that can provide development and runtime environments for both PowerServer and non-PowerServer applications. This book focuses on the configurations for supporting PowerServer applications in the architecture, and does not provide: (1) configurations for setting up the architecture, (2) configurations specific to the functioning and performance of third-party servers within the architecture.

The configurations needed for setting up the architecture are discussed in Installation Guide for PowerServer (PB Edition), and therefore, will not be addressed in this guide.

Configurations specific to the functioning and performance of third-party servers in PowerServer architecture may still impact the architecture. For example, indexing database tables has nothing to do with PowerServer knowledge but can greatly improve the performance of a PowerServer application. Although such configurations are not provided in this book, it is strongly recommended that you refer to the configuration documents of any third-party servers used and perform necessary configurations to achieve the best possible performance of PowerServer architecture.