Configuration during performance management

The following table lists the server configuration tasks for improving server performance.

Note: In order to maximize the performance of PowerServer architecture, besides the tasks in the table, you must also follow instructions from the documents of all the related third-party servers.

Table 5. Configuration tasks during performance management



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(In AEM) Active Sessions

Monitor all active sessions and mobile devices in the system. Some sessions can be killed if necessary.

Active Sessions

(In AEM) Active Transactions

Monitor all active transactions in the system. Some active transactions can be killed if necessary.

Active Transactions

(In AEM) Maintenance

Set the schedule for automatically clearing temporary files, or manually deleting temporary files.


(In AEM) Deployment Sessions

Monitor all active deployment sessions in the system. Some active deployment sessions can be killed if necessary.

Deployment Sessions

(In AEM) Application Server Cache

Allocate server cache between deployed applications. Ensures that important applications are cached.

PowerServer Cache

(In AEM) DataWindow Data Cache

Cache DataWindow data on the server and/or client to improve data-reading performance.

DataWindow Data Cache

(In AEM) Multi-Thread Download

Download static resources with multi-threads to boost performance.

Multi-Thread Download

(In AEM) Encoding

Choose the proper encoding mode to reduce network traffic.