Configuration stages and tasks

Server configuration is divided into several stages as shown in the following table. Understanding which stage of the configuration, allows one to simply focus on the configurations recommended for that particular stage. This helps save time and effort of searching through the complete document for information.

Table 1. Server configuration stages

Configuration During...

For the Purpose of ...

Application Deployment

Ensuring that the application data displays correctly and that all functions in the application work correctly.

Debugging Process

Efficient debugging.

Security Management

Managing the security of applications and servers within the architecture.

Performance Management

Improving server performance.

Server Information Management

Managing server-related information.

Emergency Control

Restarting PowerServer automatically when it shuts down.

After reading the introduction in this section, you will find that most of the configurations can be performed in AEM. AEM is a Web tool designed for managing PowerServer and the deployed Web or mobile applications over the Internet or an intranet and can greatly simplify configuration.