Data source settings for Oracle native driver

PowerServer supports using Oracle native driver to connect with Oracle databases. Before you start creating a data source with Oracle native driver, you must install Oracle full client. Note Appeon does not support Oracle instant client. If you have Oracle instant client installed, you will need to uninstall it first and then install Oracle full client. For installation instructions, refer to the Oracle documents.

Figure 13. Settings for Oracle native driver

Settings for Oracle native driver

Table 13. Settings for Oracle native driver

Data Source Name

Type the name of the data source.

Data Source Type

Select "Oracle Native" to connect with Oracle databases.

NET Service Name

Select a service name.

User Name

Type the database login username. The username is set on the database server.


Type the database login password. The password is set on the database server.

Note: if the database is an Oracle database and it resides in an NTFS folder, make sure the Windows "Network Service" or "Everyone" user has full controls over that folder, otherwise, testing of the data source may fail.