Data source settings for Informix native driver

PowerServer supports using IBM Informix .NET Provider driver to connect with Informix databases. Before you start creating a data source with Informix .NET Provider driver, you must install Informix Client (SDK 2.90 or above) and then use the installed client to configure Informix Server. For detailed instructions, refer to the Informix documents.

Following are important installation steps that are worth mentioning here:

1) Accept the license agreement and click Next.

Figure 15. Accept the license agreement

Accept the license agreement

2) Input user name and organization name and click Next.

Figure 16. Enter customer information

Enter customer information

3) Select the Custom installation type and click Next.

Figure 17. Select Custom installation type

Select Custom installation type

4) Select the installation directory for the driver and click Next.

Figure 18. Select the installation directory for the driver

Select the installation directory for the driver

5) (VERY IMPORTANT) Make sure that IBM Informix .NET Provider is selected to install and click Next.

Figure 19. Select "IBM Informix .NET Provider"

Select "IBM Informix .NET Provider"

6) Click Install to start the installation.

Figure 20. Ready to install the program

Ready to install the program

Following are important configuration steps that we think are worth mentioning:

1) Select Start > Programs > IBM Informix Client-SDK 2.90 > Setnet32.

2) Configure the Informix server information, as shown in the following figure. Remember that the "IBM Informix Server" name will be used in AEM.

Figure 21. Configure the Informix server information

Configure the Informix server information


It is recommended that you test the connection with the specified server name in other programs such as PowerBuilder. You may need to manually add the following text to the %system32%/drivers/etc/Service file:

en_info10 1526/tcp #en_info10

en_info10 should be the name of IBM Informix Server you specified above; 1526 is the port number of Informix server; #en_info10 is the comment text.

Following are configurations in AEM:

Figure 22. Data source settings in AEM

Data source settings in AEM

Table 15. Data source settings in AEM

Data Source Name

Type the name of the data source.

Data Source Type

Select "IBM Informix Native Driver".

IBM Informix Server

Specify the Informix Server name.

This must be the same name that is used to configure the Informix Server above.

Database Name

Specify the database name.

User Name

Type the database login username. The username is set on the database server.


Type the database login password. The password is set on the database server.