Data source settings for Teradata native driver

PowerServer supports using Teradata native driver to connect with Teradata databases. Before you start creating a data source with Teradata native driver, you must install Teradata .NET Data Provider 13.1 or later. For detailed instructions, refer to the Teradata documents.

Figure 25. Settings for Teradata driver

Settings for Teradata driver

Table 18. Settings for Teradata driver

Data Source Name

Type the name of the data source.

Data Source Type

Select "Teradata Native Driver" to connect with Teradata databases.

Data Source

Type the name of the Teradata server, or equivalently the DBC Name or TDPID.

Database Port

Specify the TCP/IP port number that the .NET Data Provider for Teradata uses for connection to the Teradata Gateway. Default port number is 1025.

Database Name

Specify the database name.

User Name

Type the database login username. The username is set on the database server.


Type the database login password. The password is set on the database server.

Character Set

Select the character set according to mapping characters bidirectionally from the client application and teradata databases.

Session Mode

Select the session mode according to the duration of the session. The session mode is used on a Teradata Database V2R2.0 or later system.