64-bit enhancements

PowerBuilder 2019 has enhanced support for 64-bit, so the following bugs no longer exist:

  1. Previously, when developers used the registry functions (including RegistryDelete, RegistryKeys, RegistryGet, RegistrySet, & RegistryValues) to access the 64-bit registry entries in a 64-bit operating system, they were incorrectly redirected to the Wow6432Node registry entry; and now they can access the correct registry entry.

    And to support this, a longlong type enumeration value (RegLongLong!) is added for the RegistryGet and RegistrySet functions. For more information, see the section called “RegistryGet” in PowerScript Reference or the section called “RegistrySet” in PowerScript Reference.

  2. Previously, 32-bit PowerBuilder application and 64-bit PowerBuilder application cannot coexist on the same client machine because they used the same location to store runtime files; and now they use different locations, so they can co-exist on the same machine.