Using NativePDF as Default

For new DataWindows, the NativePDF! (using PDFLib) method is automatically selected by default when you select Save Rows As from the File menu in the DataWindow painter and select PDF as the file type, or when you use the SaveAs method with PDF! as the file type.

But for existing DataWindows which are kept the same as before to use the Distill! method with Ghostscript as the default method, if you want to save them to PDF using PDFlib, you can select the "Always use NativePDF! method for PDF export" in the Application properties dialog box. This option is effective to all DataWindows in the application. For more, see the section called “Saving as PDF using NativePDF! method with PDFlib” in Users Guide.

The two INI settings NativePDF_IncludeCustomFont and NativePDF_Valid will no longer take effect.

Besides that, you are able to set a few properties for the generated PDF file, such as the application name, author, subject, and keywords.