Other New Features or Changes

Other new features related with PowerScripts or PowerBuilder objects are as below:

  • Supports Placeholder property for SingleLineEdit control -- The Placeholder property specifies a short description for the expected value of the input field. The Placeholder value can be used as a text label or hint; hence can help to reduce the number of UI controls. The Placeholder value will not be displayed, 1) if the Text property is set (the Text value will be displayed first); or 2) when the input field has focus.

  • DataWindow CheckBox and RadioButton edit styles have enhanced vertical centering of the box/circle and the text at runtime (the box/circle is still aligned to the top at design time).

  • Enhances Bitmap DataWindow expression function to validate and display the image file if the image file has no file extension.

  • The RichText DataWindow that uses the TX Text Control can now directly generate PDFs using the DataWindow SaveAs function, for example, dw_1.SaveAs ("c:\dw_one.pdf", PDF!, false).

Other new or changed features related with PowerBuilder/InfoMaker Installer:

  • Starting from 2019 R2, a user can select an MR version and complete in one step the installation of both the full version and the selected MR.