Enhanced Source Control

Source control has the following enhancements:

  • (SVN and Git) Supports to view differences from the SVN/Git Commit (SVN Get/Release Lock, Revert, or Resolve) dialog -- In the Commit (SVN Get/Release Lock, Revert, or Resolve) dialog, double click an item from the object list to compare the local object with the version last sync with source control and view the differences.

  • (SVN and Git) Supports Application Properties in source control -- Application Properties (such as theme settings, rich text settings) can be manipulated by the SVN/Git source control.

  • (SVN only) Supports the svn:needs-lock property -- PowerBuilder IDE provides no direct option for setting this property; you can set this property using an SVN client (such as TortoiseSVN), and after that, you can manipulate (such as lock, commit etc.) the object which has the svn:needs-lock property in the PowerBuilder IDE.

  • (SVN only) Supports using multi-languages in Repository URL, Workspace File, User ID etc. when connecting with, uploading to, or downloading from the source control server.

  • (SVN only) Enhances Get Lock to allow users to update the object first before locking the object if newer version of the object exists on the source code server.

  • (Git only) Supports creating and switching to the branch -- PowerBuilder IDE provides no direct option for creating or switching to a branch; but you can create and switch to the branch using a third-party tool (such as TortoiseGit), and then restart PowerBuilder IDE to automatically switch to the branch; and after that you can manipulate the objects under the branch in the PowerBuilder IDE. For detailed steps, see the section called “Use branches” in Users Guide.