PowerBuilder IDE enhancements

Other new or changed features related with PowerBuilder IDE are as below:

  • New picture selection dialog -- Previously the picture is selected from a dropdown list; now the picture is selected from a dialog box. In the dialog box, you can select from the custom image or the built-in image; the built-in images are grouped by categories, and can be filtered by size or searched by name.

    Some images which have a random number at the end of their names have been renamed, for example, ArrangeTables5! is renamed to ArrangeTables2!, but ArrangeTables5! is preserved so if it is referenced in your application, it will still show under preview and at runtime like before, but in the dialog you can only select ArrangeTables2! (and cannot select ArrangeTables5! any more).

  • Enhances Browser window for searching object -- A filter box is added to the Browser window which allows users to input the object name and display only the objects that match in each tab. The total amount of search results will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the window.

  • Adds Open Containing Folder menu for workspace, target and library -- The Open Containing Folder menu is available when you right click on the workspace, target, or library in the System Tree or Library painter.

  • C# Model Generator has been moved out of the PowerBuilder IDE, as an independent plug-in. It is renamed as "DataWindow Converter" and installed as a plug-in from the SnapDevelop installation program.

  • C# projects can no longer be loaded into the PowerBuilder IDE. You can open the C# projects in C# editor such as SnapDevelop, Visual Studio, etc.