Empowering PowerBuilder with C# features

.NET Packages

Two .NET packages (PowerBuilder.Data and PowerBuilder.Data.AspNetCore) are provided to implement the .NET replacement for the PowerBuilder DataStore. PowerBuilder.Data provides a pure .NET DataStore compatible with the .NET Core along with related libraries to integrate with PowerBuilder DataWindows or DataStores through a REST interface. The .NET DataStore works similar to the PowerBuilder DataStore and maintains same naming convention of its APIs for easy porting of existing project assets. PowerBuilder.Data also provides a ModelStore object which works against the .NET data model and can be used to replace the .NET DataStore.

Also, you can enhance your .NET projects with a new .NET ORM framework (called SnapObjects), which is also compatible with the .NET Core just like PowerBuilder.Data and PowerBuilder.Data.AspNetCore.

For more information about the PowerBuilder .NET APIs and SnapObjects .NET APIs, refer to the Documentation Center.

C# Migration

A batch DataWindow/DataStore conversion utility called C# Model Generator is provided to generate the C# data objects and models for the .NET DataStore and ModelStore.

Also provided is a SqlExecutorExtention object in PowerBuilder.Data.AspNetCore, which can be used to virtually copy n’ paste embedded SQL from PowerScript projects to new C# projects.


A relatively full-featured C# IDE is provided on a standalone basis (called SnapDevelop) and can be launched from the PowerBuilder IDE. It supports development of non-visual projects, such as C# Web APIs, C# non-visual assemblies, and unit testing (with xUnit). And it provides powerful developer productivity tools, such as project wizards, advanced auto-scripting, and C# language services.

For more information about SnapDevelop, refer to the Documentation Center.