New WebBrowser Control

The WebBrowser control can be used to create a Web browser that:

  • Supports browsing web page that contains JavaScript

  • Supports browsing HTML and HTML5 pages

  • Supports browsing videos at common formats in web page

  • Supports playing flash (with the flash plug-in installed by the user)

  • Supports printing web pages as PDFs and responding to the print events

  • Supports browsing web pages that support multiple languages

  • Supports the various HTTPS protocols

  • Supports right-mouse button context menus

  • Supports browsing a PDF file online

  • Supports web page zoom in/out

  • Supports browsing local files (including htm, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, swf, txt, c, cpp, pdf, etc.)

  • Supports responding to the error event from the server certificate

  • Supports dynamically configuring the file download location and proxy settings.

For more about the supported/unsupported features and the properties/functions/events of the WebBrowser object, refer to the section called “WebBrowser control” in Objects and Controls.