Demo app changes

PowerBuilder 2019 R3 has removed the following legacy demo apps: Benchmark, DWGradientTransparency, DWRichTextEditStyle, MDIDockingDemo, Mobilink, and TreeView DataWindow and DatePicker; and provides only the following three demo apps. You can access them from Windows Start | Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 R3.

  • Example App -- This demo app is the same as before.

  • Example Sales App -- This demo app is newly added in 2019 R3. It demonstrates

    • how to use the RESTClient object to exchange data with the RESTful APIs

    • how to modernize the UI look and feel through the PowerBuilder UI Theme feature

    • how to organize the menus in a modern way using the PowerBuilder RibbonBar control

  • Example Graph App -- This demo app is newly added in 2019 R3. It uses the PowerBuilder WebBrowser control to render the third-party visual charts (such as Google Charts, Apache EChart etc.) which are exposed as JavaScript classes. These JavaScript/HTML5 charts can be served as a useful supplement to the PowerBuilder Graph DataWindow control.

    This app includes two application targets: one for Google Charts and the other for Apache EChart; and demonstrates

    • how to execute JavaScripts through the PowerBuilder WebBrowser control to generate a chart with different styles and adjust data display dynamically

    • how to connect the chart event with the WebBrowser control event so that JavaScript and PowerScript can interact with each other

    This demo app includes a readme file which explains in detailed steps how to incorporate Google Charts and Apache EChart (other JavaScript/HTML5 charts likewise) into your PowerBuilder application.