Installer enhancements

PowerBuilder Installer has the following changes or enhancements:

  • You can select to use the PostgreSQL engine (in addition to the SQL Anywhere engine) for running the PowerBuilder demo database.

    If you specify the PostgreSQL engine, make sure both the PostgreSQL client (included in Command Line Tools of the PostgreSQL Windows installer) and PostgreSQL ODBC driver (32-bit) are installed.

  • You can install PowerBuilder Runtime as a separate component for PowerBuilder IDE.

    PowerBuilder Runtime must be installed before PowerBuilder IDE if you want to install PowerBuilder Runtime and PowerBuilder IDE sequentially one by one. For more information, refer to the section called “Installing PowerBuilder Runtime” in Application Techniques.

  • You can install PowerBuilder Compiler from PowerBuilder Installer, now that PowerBuilder Compiler installation program is integrated into PowerBuilder Installer.

    For more information, refer to the section called “Installing PowerBuilder Compiler” in Users Guide.

  • You can now modify installation if you have not fully installed all the products in a certain version. The Install button on the entry page of the installer will change to Modify.