PowerBuilder IDE enhancements

PowerBuilder IDE has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Double-clicking an object (such as applications, DataWindow object, windows, menus, user objects, functions, etc.) in the Browser window can open the painter associated with the object. Previously, you have to right-click the object and then select Edit to open the painter.

  • When a DataWindow column is set to the DropDownDW edit style and associated with a DataWindow object, you can right click the DataWindow column and then select Modify DropDownDW... to directly open and edit the associated DataWindow object in the painter.

  • The PowerBuilder system dialogs (such as Application, System Options, the various objects' Options dialogs etc.) have their layouts re-arranged, and the dialog size can be adjusted by dragging.

  • The Enabled property of the Text control in the Header band of a DataWindow will be selected by default, and the tab order of the Text control will be set to 0 by default. Previously, the Enabled property is not selected and no tab order is set by default.