What's New

Appeon PowerBuilder® 2021

Table of Contents

PowerBuilder 2021 Beta
New Features
PowerServer deployment
Automated CI/CD for projects
Quick Start
Starting Example Sales App
Creating the PowerServer project
Building and deploying the PowerServer project
Starting the Web APIs
Running the installable cloud application
Tutorial 1: Deploying your PowerServer project to production environment
Tutorial 2: Hosting Web APIs in Docker Containers
Tutorial 3: Hosting Web APIs in IIS
Tutorial 4: Hosting Web APIs in Kestrel
Tutorial 5: Using OAuth 2.0 for apps
Tutorial 6: Using Amazon Cognito for apps
Tutorial 7: Building your PowerServer project with commands
Unsupported Features Guide
How to catch unsupported features
Unsupported Features
Troubleshooting Guide
Configuring and deploying PowerServer projects
Running installable cloud apps
License errors
Performance Guide
Project compilation and deployment
Performance tuning suggestions on installable cloud apps
Debugging Guide
Debugging with Fiddler
Logs and unsupported features report
Debugging case studies
Data type mapping tables
PowerBuilder 2019 R3
New Features
Decoupling Runtime and IDE
PowerClient deployment
Source control enhancements
License enhancements
Demo app changes
PowerBuilder IDE enhancements
RibbonBar enhancements
PBU conversion supports long data type
WebBrowser enhancements
JSONParser and JSONGenerator enhancements
HTTPClient enhancements
64-bit rich text editor support
UI accessibility and automation support
PostgreSQL enhancements
Microsoft SQL Server enhancements
Installer enhancements
App upgrade notes
Obsolete features
Bug Fixes & Known Issues
PowerBuilder 2019 R2
New Features
Updated system requirements
New RibbonBar Control
Calling .NET Assembly
Enhanced UI Theme
New WebBrowser Control
Enhanced CoderObject and CrypterObject
Enhanced ExtractorObject
Enhanced Source Control
Using NativePDF as Default
Testing DataWindows using AscentialTest
PowerBuilder IDE enhancements
PowerBuilder runtime enhancements
Other New Features or Changes
Bug Fixes & Known Issues
PowerBuilder 2019
New Features
Empowering PowerBuilder with C# features
New UI theme
Incorporating TX Text Control as built-in editor
New or enhanced PowerBuilder objects
New Windows 10 style icons and small pictures
64-bit enhancements
PBC enhancements
New online installer -- Appeon Installer
Classified features
Bug Fixes & Known Issues