Save the DataWindow object

Where you are

   Create and preview a new DataWindow object

>   Save the DataWindow object

   Make cosmetic changes to the first DataWindow object

   Create a second DataWindow object

   Make cosmetic changes to the second DataWindow object

Now you name the DataWindow object and save it in the pbtutor.pbl library.

Saving to another library

You can save objects to different application libraries, but to avoid complications, you save all your new tutorial objects in one library. You can also copy or move objects from one library to another using the Library painter.

  1. Select File>Save from the menu bar.

    The Save DataWindow dialog box displays with the insertion point in the DataWindows box.

  2. Make sure pbtutor.pbl is selected in the Application Libraries box.

    Type d_custlist in the DataWindows box.

    This names the DataWindow object. The prefix d_ is standard for DataWindow objects.

  3. (Optional) Type the following comments in the Comments box:

    This DataWindow object retrieves customer names and company associations.
  4. Click OK.

    PowerBuilder saves the DataWindow object and closes the Save DataWindow dialog box.