Setting up for the tutorial

Before you start the tutorial, you need to make sure that you can connect to a database and that you have the tutorial files.

Connecting to a database

The tutorial uses the PB Demo DB V2019R2 database that installs with PowerBuilder. This is an SQL Anywhere database and requires the SAP SQL Anywhere engine.

If you do not already have SQL Anywhere on your local machine or server, you must install it now. You can download and install it from the SAP website. If you installed PowerBuilder in a nondefault location, you must make sure that the odbc.ini registry entry defining the Demo Database as a data source points to the correct location of the SQL Anywhere engine.

The Tutorial directory

The PowerBuilder installation directory includes a Tutorial folder that contains all the files you need to work with the tutorial. The installation also creates a copy of that folder under your user profile directory. You will work with the copy of the Tutorial folder, not the original source. The Tutorial folder locates in drive:\Users\user\Documents\Appeon\PowerBuilder 19.0\Tutorial on Windows:

The Tutorial folder includes the following files:




PowerBuilder library that contains several objects that you use in the tutorial


A bitmap


A graphic


An icon

When you have finished the tutorial, you can delete the files.

The Tutorial\Solutions directory

The Tutorial\Solutions directory contains a PowerBuilder library called pbtutor.pbl that contains all the objects and scripts that you create in the first part of the tutorial, as well as workspace and target files. You can use this solutions library as a reference while you complete the first part of the tutorial.