Run the application

Where you are

   Look at the Demo Database

   Run the Connection Object wizard

   Declare a global variable

   Modify the connection information

   Complete the login and logout scripts

>   Run the application

Now you run the application.

  1. Click the Run button () in the PowerBar.

    If a message box prompts you to save changes, click Yes to save them.

    The workspace closes and your application runs.

  2. Type dba in the User ID box.

    Type sql in the Password box.

    The password text is displayed as asterisks. Because you set the tab order for this window, you can tab from the User ID box to the Password box, and then to the OK button.

  3. Click OK.

    The database connection is established and the MDI frame for your application displays.

    If you enter an invalid user ID or password

    If you mistyped the user ID or password, the Connect to SQL Anywhere (ODBC Configuration) dialog box displays. You get a second chance to enter a valid user ID and password on the Login page of this dialog box. If you click the Test Connection button on the ODBC page of the dialog box without changing this information, a message box tells you that your user ID or password is not valid.

  4. Select File>Exit from the menu bar.

    The application terminates and you return to the development environment.