Create a new ancestor sheet window

Where you are

   Add a library to the search path

>   Create a new ancestor sheet window

   Add user events and event scripts

   Add scripts to retrieve data for the DataWindow controls

   Adjust a runtime setting for sheet window size

Now you create a window that inherits from the basesheet window you generated with the Template Application wizard and add DataWindow controls to it. In the Source editor, you change the inheritance of the generated sheet windows (w_customers and w_products) to use the new window.

The DataWindow controls you add to the new ancestor window inherit their definitions from a user object that was created for the tutorial application. The user object is provided in the PBL file that you just added to the target library list. The user object is a customized DataWindow control that includes scripts to perform standard database error checking.

Why use a user object

You can build a user object in PowerBuilder to perform processing that you use frequently in applications. Once you have defined a user object, you can reuse it as many times as you need without any additional work.

In this exercise you: