Add a library to the search path

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>   Add a library to the search path

   Create a new ancestor sheet window

   Add user events and event scripts

   Add scripts to retrieve data for the DataWindow controls

   Adjust a runtime setting for sheet window size

Next you add a library to the tutorial application search path. You must add all libraries on which an application depends.

The library you add to the current application contains some precoded objects, including the user object (u_dwstandard) that you will later add to the base sheet window.

  1. Right-click the pbtutor target (not the pbtutor application object) in the System Tree.

    The pbtutor target contains the pbtutor.pbl and the pbtutor application.

  2. Select Library List from the pop-up menu.

    The pbtutor target Properties dialog box displays the Library List page.

  3. Click Browse.

    The Select Library dialog box displays.

  4. Navigate to the Tutorial folder.

    Select tutor_pb.pbl and click Open.

    You return to the Library List page. The tutor_pb.pbl file is now included in the search path for the tutorial application.

  5. Click OK.