Attach the new menu and run the application

Where you are

   Modify the frame menu

   Create a new sheet menu

   Add menu scripts to trigger user events

>   Attach the new menu and run the application

Now you attach the new sheet menu and run the application again.

  1. Double-click w_master_detail_ancestor in the System Tree.

    If you cannot see the Properties view

    Select View>Properties from the menu bar.

    The menu listed in the MenuName box in the Properties view of the Window painter is still m_pbtutor_sheet.

  2. Click the ellipsis button next to the MenuName box.

    The Select Object dialog box displays.

  3. Select m_my_sheet in the Menus list box and click OK.

    This is the sheet menu you modified after inheriting it from m_pbtutor_sheet. It is now listed as the menu name in the Properties view.

  4. Click the Save button in PainterBar1.

    Click the Run button in the PowerBar.

    The application login window displays.

  5. Type dba in the User ID box.

    Type sql in the Password box and click OK.

    The database connection is established, and the MDI frame for the application displays. The File menu now includes a Report cascading menu in place of the New menu item. The Open menu item is no longer visible.

  6. Select File>Report>Maintain Customers from the menu bar.

    Notice that a second toolbar appears and the Edit and Window cascading menus include enabled menu items.

  7. Select the Edit menu.

    The Edit menu has the Insert, Update, and Delete options you added. These options do not function yet, because the DataWindow controls in the Customer window do not have DataWindow objects associated with them.

  8. Select the Window menu.

    Notice that a new menu item has been added for the sheet you just opened.

  9. Select File>Report>Maintain Products from the menu bar.

    A second MDI sheet opens. This sheet cascades relative to the first sheet. The menu bar does not change. That is because m_my_sheet is the menu for both w_customers and w_products.

  10. Select the Edit menu.

    Because the w_products window uses the m_my_sheet menu, the Insert, Update, and Delete options are also available when the Product window is open.

  11. Select the Window menu.

    Another menu item has been added for the second sheet you opened. The checkmark next to this menu item indicates that it is the active sheet.

  12. Select File>Exit from the menu bar.

    The application terminates and you return to the Window painter workspace.

  13. Close the Window painter.