Change the tab order on the window

Where you are

   Create a new window

   Add controls to the window

>   Change the tab order on the window

   Code some Help events and preview the window

   Write the script to open the window

When you place controls in a window, PowerBuilder assigns them a default tab order. The tab order determines the sequence in which focus moves from control to control when the user presses the Tab key. 

Now you change the tab order for the window you created.

  1. Select Format>Tab Order from the menu bar.

    PowerBuilder displays the default tab order. The number in red at the right of each control shows the control's relative position in the tab order. Controls with the number zero are skipped when the user tabs in the window.

  2. Click the tab order number for the sle_userid control.

    Type 10 if the tab order value for this control is not already 10.

    You can type a new tab order number only when the old number turns blue against a red background.

  3. Make changes as needed so that the other controls have these values:

    Click this control

    Control name

    Has this value

    SingleLineEdit control for entering a password



    CommandButton control for the OK button



    CommandButton control for the Cancel button



  4. Select Format>Tab Order from the menu bar.

    This is a toggle switch. Selecting this menu item a second time saves your changes and clears the tab order numbers from the login window. You can also use the Tab Order button on the PainterBar.