Learning to build a client/server application

The PowerBuilder tutorial is divided into parts. The first part of the tutorial is a set of eleven exercises in which you build a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) database application for a fictional company called SportsWear, Inc. The application allows you to retrieve customer and product information from the database and perform insert, update, and delete functions against the customer and product data. 

Customer and Product windows

The MDI application includes two windows that provide access to the Customer and Product tables in the Demo database.

These windows are master/detail windows: each allows you to display a master list of rows in a particular table and also see detailed information for each row in the table. For example, the top half of the Maintain Products window contains a list of products with a pointer to a single product; the bottom half of the window displays extra detail for the current product.

Login window

The MDI application also includes a login window that allows you to connect to the database at start-up time.