Informix using database stored procedures in DataWindow objects

You can use database stored procedures as a data source for DataWindow objects. The following considerations apply:

  • Result set definition

    You must define what the result set looks like. The DataWindow object cannot determine this information from the stored procedure definition in the database.

  • DataWindow updates

    You cannot perform DataWindow updates through stored procedures (that is, you cannot update the database with changes made in the DataWindow object); only retrieval is allowed. (However, the DataWindow can have update characteristics set manually through the DataWindow painter.)

  • Result set processing

    You can specify only one result set to be processed when you define the stored procedure result set in the DataWindow painter.

  • Computed rows

    Computed rows cannot be processed in DataWindows.

  • Informix syntax

    PowerBuilder supports Informix syntax; however, the syntax displayed in the DataWindow painter is the most general syntax. You can leave the syntax unchanged or edit the displayed syntax to conform to the Informix syntax rules. If you do not change the syntax, PowerBuilder converts it to Informix syntax before passing it to the Informix database.