Internally, PowerBuilder processes DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE statements the same way. PowerBuilder inspects them for any PowerScript variable references and replaces all such references with a constant that conforms to Informix rules for that data type.

Row serial number

The serial number of the row is stored in the SQLReturnData property of the transaction object after an INSERT statement executes. (The SQLReturnData property is updated after embedded SQL only; it is not updated after a DataWindow operation.)


Assume you enter the following statement:

DELETE FROM employee WHERE emp_id = :emp_id_var;

In this example, emp_id_var is a PowerScript variable with the data type of integer that has been defined within the scope of the script that contains the DELETE statement. Before the DELETE statement is executed, emp_id_var is assigned a value (for example, 691) so that when the DELETE statement executes, the database receives the following statement:

DELETE FROM employee WHERE emp_id = 691;

When is this substitution technique used?

This variable substitution technique is used for all PowerScript variable types. When you use embedded SQL, precede all PowerScript variables with a colon ( : ).

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