ODBC Using database stored procedures in DataWindow objects

You can use database stored procedures as a data source for DataWindow objects. The following rules apply:

  • Result set definition

    You must define what the result set looks like in the DataWindow painter. PowerBuilder cannot determine this information from the stored procedure definition in the database.

  • Stored procedure arguments

    The DataWindow painter provides the arguments for stored procedures only if the ODBC driver you are using to connect gives PowerBuilder the required information. If the arguments for the database stored procedure are not provided, you must define them.

  • DataWindow updates

    Updates are not allowed for stored procedures in a DataWindow object. Only retrieval is allowed.

  • ODBC syntax

    PowerBuilder supports the syntax appropriate for all backend databases supported by the ODBC interface. In the DataWindow painter, PowerBuilder displays the most general stored procedure syntax. It then converts it to the syntax appropriate for the backend database before passing it to the database.