Supported versions for Oracle

PowerBuilder provides three Oracle database interfaces. These interfaces use different DLLs and access different versions of Oracle.

Oracle interface


O10 Oracle 10g


ORA Oracle 11g/12c


The ORA database interface allows you to connect to Oracle 11g/12c servers using Oracle 11g/12c Database Client or Oracle 11g/12c Instant Client. It includes partial support for the XMLType datatype that it maps to the PowerBuilder String datatype. It also supports session and connection pooling, load balancing, the Oracle Client Cache, setting of an application driver name, and access through a proxy. Oracle 11g clients can also connect to Oracle 10g servers.

The O10 database interface allows you to connect to Oracle 10g servers using Oracle 10g Database Client or Oracle 10g Instant Client. It supports BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE datatypes and increased size limits for CLOB and NCLOB datatypes. Oracle 10g clients can connect to Oracle 10g servers.