Preparing ODBC data sources

The first step in connecting to an ODBC data source is preparing the data source. This ensures that you are able to connect to the data source and use your data in PowerBuilder.

You prepare to use a data source outside PowerBuilder before you start the product, define the data source, and connect to it. The requirements differ for each data source, but in general, preparing to use a data source involves the following steps.

To prepare to use an ODBC data source with PowerBuilder:

  1. If network software is required to access the data source, make sure it is properly installed and configured at your site and on the client workstation.

  2. If database software is required, make sure it is properly installed and configured on your computer or network server.

  3. Make sure the required data files are present on your computer or network server.

  4. Make sure the names of tables and columns you want to access follow standard SQL naming conventions.

    Avoid using blank spaces or database-specific reserved words in table and column names. Be aware of the case-sensitivity options of the DBMS. It is safest to use all uppercase characters when naming tables and columns that you want to access in PowerBuilder.

  5. If your database requires it, make sure the tables you want to access have unique indexes.

  6. Install both of the following using the PowerBuilder Setup program:

    • The ODBC driver that accesses your data source

    • The ODBC interface