ODBC Database stored procedures

Retrieval and update

You can use database stored procedures for:

  • Retrieval only

  • Update only

  • Retrieval and update


Not all DBMSs support these retrieval and update options.

Using stored procedures

When you use database stored procedures in a PowerBuilder application, keep the following points in mind:

  • Manipulating stored procedures

    PowerBuilder provides SQL statements that are similar to cursor statements for manipulating database stored procedures.

  • Retrieval and update

    PowerBuilder supports retrieval, update, or a combination of retrieval and update in database stored procedures, including procedures that do not return a result set and those that return a result set.

  • Transactions and stored procedures without result sets

    When a procedure executes using a particular connection (transaction) and the procedure does not return a result set, the procedure is no longer active. No result set is pending, and therefore you do not execute a CLOSE statement.

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