Database Painter

You can connect to the OData service and work with it in the Database painter.

The Database painter supports these features:

  • Define an OData datasource with the database profile painter.

  • Connect to an OData datasource in the Objects view.

  • Add tables to the Object Layout view with drag-and-drop or the context menu.

  • Display table and column properties in the Properties view with drag-and-drop or the context menu.

  • Drag and drop a table onto the Columns view.

  • Invoke the Edit Data feature in the Results view of the Database painter.

Since OData is not a SQL source, some features are not supported:

  • The ISQL Session view is not enabled.

  • You cannot create, modify, or delete tables.

  • You cannot create users or groups of users.

  • You cannot embed SQL statements in PowerScript.