User Interface Techniques

This part presents a collection of techniques you can use to implement user interface features in the applications you develop with PowerBuilder. It includes building an MDI application, using drag and drop in a window, and providing online Help for an application.

Table of Contents

Building an MDI Application
About MDI
Building an MDI frame window
Using sheets
Providing MicroHelp
Using toolbars in MDI applications
Customizing toolbar behavior
Saving and restoring toolbar settings
Sizing the client area
About keyboard support in MDI applications
Managing Window Instances
About window instances
Declaring instances of windows
Using window arrays
Referencing entities in descendants
Using Tab Controls in a Window
About Tab controls
Defining and managing tab pages
Customizing the Tab control
Using Tab controls in scripts
Referring to tab pages in scripts
Referring to controls on tab pages
Opening, closing, and hiding tab pages
Keeping track of tab pages
Creating tab pages only when needed
Events for the parts of the Tab control
Using TreeView Controls
About TreeView controls
Populating TreeViews
Functions for inserting items
Inserting items at the root level
Inserting items below the root level
Managing TreeView items
Deleting items
Renaming items
Moving items using drag and drop
Sorting items
Managing TreeView pictures
Pictures for items
Setting up picture lists
Using overlay pictures
Using DataWindow information to populate a TreeView
Using Lists in a Window
About presenting lists
Using lists
Using drop-down lists
Using ListView controls
Using report view
Using Drag and Drop in a Window
About drag and drop
Drag-and-drop properties, events, and functions
Identifying the dragged control
Providing Online Help for an Application
Creating help files
Providing online help for developers
Providing online help for users