PowerBuilder runtime files

Database connectivity

Files required for database connectivity are listed separately in Database connections.

Download PowerBuilder runtime files

To help developer conveniently get all of the required runtime files, Appeon provides the different versions of runtime files as zip packages on the site: https://www.appeon.com/developers/get-help/knowledgebase-for-pb. You can download the runtime files starting from version 2017 R2. For example, the download link for version 2019 is https://www.appeon.com/developers/get-help/knowledgebase/powerbuilder-runtime-files-2019-2082.html.

Core runtime files

The following table lists the core PowerBuilder runtime files.


Required for




All. pbvm190.dll has dependencies on this file.


All. pbvm190.dll has dependencies on this file.


All. pbvm190.dll has dependencies on this file.


All. libjcc.dll has dependencies on this file.


All. libjcc.dll has dependencies on this file.


All. libjcc.dll has dependencies on this file.


All. pbvm190.dll has dependencies on this file.


DataWindows and DataStores.


System functions.


PowerBuilder resource file.

Microsoft files

When you deploy the core PowerBuilder runtime files, you must also deploy the msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries and the Microsoft .NET Active Template Library (ATL) module atl100.dll, if they are not present on the user's computer. The PowerBuilder runtime files have a runtime dependency on these files. See Third-party components and deployment for more information.

Additional runtime files

The following table lists additional runtime files that your application might not require. For example, pbvm190.dll is required for all deployed applications, but pbrtc190.dll and its associated runtime files are required only if your application uses Rich Text controls or RichText DataWindow objects.

For more information about deploying applications that use the pbjvm190.dll for Java support, see Java support.


Required for


Accessibility support (Section 508)


Data pipeline support

PBDWExcel12Interop190.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.DataWindow.Excel12.dll

Excel 2007 support

PBXerces190.dll, xerces-c_2_8.dll, xerces-depdom_2_8.dll

XML Web DataWindow support and XML support for DataWindows and DataStores

Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.Runtime.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.RuntimeRemoteLoader.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.WSDL.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.WebService.WSDLRemoteLoader.dll,

Web service DataWindows (Obsolete)


Java support



For 32-bit:

pbrtc190.dll, PBTCTEXT190.dll, TER25.dll, WRS9.dll, spell32.dll, PDC32.dll, WRW9.dll, HTS20.DLL, ssts.dll, SSGP.dll, TXML2.dll

For 64-bit:


Rich text support with TE Edit Control

For 32-bit:

pbrtc190.dll, PBTXTEXT190.dll, podofo.dll, tp4ole15.ocx, tp15.dll, tp15_bmp.flt, tp15_css.dll, tp15_doc.dll, tp15_dox.dll, tp15_gif.flt, tp15_htm.dll, tp15_ic.dll, tp15_ic.ini, tp15_jpg.flt, tp15_obj.dll, tp15_pdf.dll, tp15_png.flt, tp15_rtf.dll, tp15_tif.flt, tp15_tls.dll, tp15_wmf.flt, tp15_wnd.dll

For 64-bit:


Rich text support with the OEM version of TX Text Control


Label DataWindow presentation-style predefined formats

pbtra190.dll, pbtrs190.dll

Database connection tracing


Saving DataWindows as PDF files using the NativePDF! method


Encryption and decryption

pbodw190.dll, pbodt190.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.DataSource.OData.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.ODataClient.dll, Sybase.PowerBuilder.ODataWrapper.dll

OData database interface

pbjson190.dll, pbhttpclient190.dll, pbrestclient190.dll

JSON data exchange and RESTful Web APIs

For 32-bit:

pbcrypt190.dll, libcrypto-1_1.dll

For 64-bit:

pbcrypt190.dll, libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll

Data encoding and encryption


OAuth 2.0 support


Compression capability

pbtheme190.dll, pbjson190.dll (and "theme190" folder)

UI theme support

("theme190" folder must be manually copied from the "%Appeon%\Shared\PowerBuilder" directory )


JSON Web Token support


RibbonBar control support

PBDotNet190.dll, PBDotNetFrameworkInvoker190.dll, PBDotNetCoreInvoker190.dll

.NET class support

pbwebbrowser190.dll (and its dependent DLLs: chrome_elf.dll, d3dcompiler_43.dll, d3dcompiler_47.dll, libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll, libcef.dll, swiftshader/libEGL.dll, swiftshader/libGLESv2.dll) (and "pbcef190" folder)

WebBrowser control support

("pbcef190" folder will be automatically copied)

Installed path


The Sybase DLLs are installed to \%Appeon%\PowerBuilder 19.0\DotNET\bin.

Deployment path

Same directory as the application, in a directory on the system path, or in the App Path registry key.

Registry entries

See App Path registry key.

Localized runtime files

Localized runtime files are provided for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. These files are usually available shortly after the general release of a new version of PowerBuilder. The localized runtime files let you deploy PowerBuilder applications with standard runtime dialog boxes in the local language. They handle language-specific data when the application runs.

For more information, see Localizing the product.