Connecting to a SOAP server

You use the SoapConnection object to connect to the SOAP server that hosts the Web service that you want to access. The SetOptions method on a SoapConnection object lets you set options such as the user ID and password for an HTTPS connection. For .NET Web services, you can also use authentication methods such as SetBasicAuthentication, SetCertificateFile and UseWindowsAuthentication.

Using multiple Web services in the same application

If you connect to multiple Web services that have different authentication requirements, you must instantiate multiple SoapConnection objects and set the appropriate values in the SetOptions method or in the other authentication methods of each connection object.

You use the CreateInstance method to create the client proxy instance to access the Web service.

For more information on SoapConnection object methods, see the section called “SoapConnection” in PowerBuilder Extension Reference.


The following script creates a connection to a Web service on a SOAP server using the EasySoap Web service engine. It sets the connection properties using an endpoint defined in the CreateInstance method. If the endpoint is not defined in the CreateInstance method, a default URL stored in the proxy would be used. The script uses the SetSoapLogFile method to specify a log file. It displays a return value in a message box.

SoapConnection conn // Define SoapConnection
syb_currencyexchangeport proxy_obj // Declare proxy
long rVal, lLog
real amount

//Define endpoint. You can omit it, if you want to use
//the default endpoint inside proxy
string str_endpoint

str_endpoint = ""
conn = create SoapConnection  //Instantiated connection

lLog = conn.SetSoapLogFile ("C:\mySoapLog.log") 
// Set trace file to record soap interchange data, 
// if string is "", disables the feature

rVal = Conn.CreateInstance(proxy_obj, &
   "syb_currencyexchangeport", str_endpoint)

// Create proxy object
   amount = proxy_obj.getrate("us","japan") 
   // Invoke service
   messagebox("Current Exchange Rate", "One US Dollar"&
   + " is equal to " + string(amount) + " Japanese Yen")
catch ( SoapException e )
   messagebox ("Error", "Cannot invoke Web service")
   // error handling   
end try
destroy conn