DataWindow Web control for ActiveX (obsolete)

Obsolete technique

DataWindow Web Control for ActiveX is not recommended and is considered to be obsolete. An obsolete feature is no longer eligible for technical support and will no longer be enhanced, although it is still available.

The ability to use this technique has been retained for backward compatibility.

The DataWindow Web control for ActiveX is a fully interactive DataWindow control for use with Internet Explorer. It implements all the features of the PowerBuilder DataWindow except rich text.

The DataWindow Web control for ActiveX supports data retrieval with retrieval arguments and data update. You can use edit styles, display formats, and validation rules. Most of the PowerBuilder methods for manipulating the DataWindow are available. Several functions that involve file system interactions are not supported, allowing the Web ActiveX to be in the safely scriptable category of ActiveX controls.

Included with the DataWindow Web control is the DataWindow Transaction Object control for making database connections that can be shared by several DataWindow Web controls.

The Web ActiveX is provided as a CAB file, which allows the client browser to install and register the control. When the user downloads a Web page that refers to the CAB file, the browser also downloads the CAB file if necessary, unpacks it, and registers the control.