Debugging .NET assembly

If the C# assembly is compiled under the debug mode using SnapDevelop, then when you debug the PowerBuilder application which calls the C# assembly, SnapDevelop can be launched automatically to help you debug the C# assembly. Please make sure that the PDB file which is created by SnapDevelop with the same name of the assembly DLL file is placed in the same location as the assembly DLL file.

Step 1: Select Tools | System Options menu in the PowerBuilder IDE.

Step 2: Make sure the Launch SnapDevelop to debug C# assemblies option is selected on the General tab.

Step 3: Start the debugger in the PowerBuilder IDE, and select Step In to run through the scripts.

When the debugger goes to the script where the DotNetObject object executes the C# functions, SnapDevelop will be launched automatically to assist the debug.