Naming the DataWindow controls in a form style

Each form style you define contains one or more central DataWindow controls that are based on DataWindow controls in one of the built-in InfoMaker form styles.

The best way to understand the behavior of these DataWindow controls is to build forms in InfoMaker using each of the built-in styles. Then, when you want to build a form style, choose the DataWindow controls from the built-in style that matches the type of presentation you want in your form style.

For example, to create a basic freeform data entry form, base it on dw_freeform, the DataWindow control found in w_pbstyle_freeform.

When building your form style, you must assign one of the following names to the central DataWindow controls:

  • dw_freeform

  • dw_grid

  • dw_master_12many

  • dw_detail_12many

  • dw_master_many21

  • dw_detail_many21

Valid combinations

You must use one of the four combinations of DataWindow controls in the following table in a form style.

Use these DataWindow control names

To base your form style on this built-in style

dw_freeform only


dw_grid and dw_freeform


dw_grid is the central DataWindow control; dw_freeform shares the result set and serves as the background, allowing users to place computed fields anywhere in the form.

dw_master_12many and dw_detail_12many

Master Detail/One-To-Many.

dw_master_many21 and dw_detail_many21

Master Detail/Many-To-One.