Preparing for the tutorial

The following preparations are required before starting this tutorial:

  • Set up one Workstation.

    This tutorial assumes the most simplified network environment. Only one physical machine is used for all the different roles in the n-Tier Web architecture: Client PC, Web Server, Application Server, Database Server, and Developer PC.

    Refer to Installation Guide for Appeon for PowerBuilder for specific system requirements.

  • Install other required softwares:

    Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1

    SAP PowerBuilder 9.0, 10.2, 10.5, 11.2, 11.5, 12.0, 12.5, or 12.6

    Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, or Opera.

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x & IIS 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, or 8.0


    1. IIS is included with Windows, but not installed by default, you will need to install IIS first.

    2. IIS will be used as both the application server and the Web server in this tutorial.

    3. If Appeon Server is installed to the other application servers (such as WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, or JEUS), you can still follow the steps in this tutorial for configuring and deploying the Appeon tutorial application while paying close attention to the parts specified as working differently for different application servers.

  • Install Appeon for PowerBuilder (on .NET) edition

    Install Appeon Server and Appeon Developer components. The demo application that the tutorial uses will be automatically installed during the Appeon Developer installation.

If you intend to install Appeon Server and Appeon Developer on different machines, most of the instructions in this tutorial, with the exception of some settings associated with Appeon Server, such as Appeon Server profile and data sources, will still be relevant. For instructions, refer to the Appeon Developer User Guide.