Creating a Workspace

You can have only one PowerBuilder Workspace open at a time, but you can add as many targets or applications to the Workspace as you want, including opening and editing objects in multiple targets.

To create a new Workspace for the Appeon tutorial PowerBuilder application:

Step 1: Start PowerBuilder. The PowerBuilder IDE starts with the Appeon Developer toolbar loaded.

Figure 6. Appeon Developer tool bar loaded into PowerBuilder

Appeon Developer tool bar loaded into PowerBuilder

Step 2: Select File > New from the PowerBuilder menu bar, and the New dialog box appears.

Figure 7. Adding a new Workspace

Adding a new Workspace

Step 3: Select the Workspace icon in the Workspace tab and click OK. The New Workspace dialog box displays. Navigate to the %Appeon%\Developer2016\appeondemo\Tutorial folder, for example, C:\Users\Public\Documents\Appeon\Developer2016\AppeonDemo\Tutorial.

Type appeontutor in the File name text box and click Save.

Figure 8. Naming the new Workspace

Naming the new Workspace

The appeontutor workspace has been added and appears as the top item in the PowerBuilder system tree.

Figure 9. Newly created Workspace

Newly created Workspace