Debugging deployed applications

There may be issues in the trial deployment. For example, a feature in the Web application may work differently from the target PowerBuilder application or not work at all. These issues are usually caused by unsupported features or known issues (documented in the Appeon Release Bulletin). Since UFA cannot detect every single different feature between Client/Server application and Browse/Server application, it is possible that your application contains an unsupported feature.

It is essential to debug the Web application and find the cause of the problem. You can use Appeon Debugger to debug an Appeon Web application. For detailed instructions, refer to Debugging Appeon Web Applications in Appeon Developer User Guide.

After modifying the target PowerBuilder application according to the debugging result, perform another trial deployment to see if the Web errors still exist in the Web application. The "Trial deployment -> Debug Web application" process may need to be repeated many times before the Web application functions properly.