Running the Web Application

The Appeon tutorial PowerBuilder application has been converted into a standard Web application with proper database connection which can now be run.

To launch the Web application after the tutorial application has been converted:

Step 1: Make sure Appeon Server is running.

Step 2: Click the Run button () in the Appeon Developer toolbar and select the appeontutor application in the popup window, or manually open a browser window and type http://localhost/appeontutor/ into the Address bar and press Enter.

The Web application starts.

Figure 57. Application starts

Application starts

Click OK to run the Web application now.

Figure 58. Application starts

Application starts

Step 3: Open the Drag and Drop window.

Figure 59. Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Step 4: Open the Randomize a number Window.

Figure 60. Randomize a number Window

Randomize a number Window