Support for non-JDBC drivers

The Web application requires support for non-JDBC drivers.

Cause: Please refer to SAP's EAServer Troubleshooting Guide available at

Solution: Appeon Server uses JDBC. You can also use Appeon Server with ODBC through JDBC via the iAnywhere, Merant, and Sun drivers.

Appeon Server supports ASE & Oracle Native Drivers through n-Tier Appeon Server Components by simply:

Step 1: Create an ASE or Oracle Native Data Source.

Step 2: Code a POWERBUILDER NVO that connects to the Native Data Source.

Step 3: Pass an Appeon Server result set or returning arguments to the Client web application and back via the Appeon DataWindow/DataStore GetFullState, SetFullState, GetChanges, and SetChanges. In string format instead of BLOB format since JavaScript does not support the BLOB format.

For information about other possible solutions, refer to SAP's EAServer Troubleshooting Guide.