JDBC/ODBC TDS data type discrepancy on SQL Anywhere

With an SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere database using JDBC, the date, time, and TimeStamp data types are treated as one DateTime data type.

Cause: ASA/SQL Anywhere does not distinguish date, time, and TimeStamp for JDBC - this is an unsupported feature. However these data types are fully supported for other database interfaces, such as ODBC. SAP recommends using the provided iAnywhere or a JDBC-ODBC bridge to work around this TDS unsupported feature where JDBC is required.

Solution: Use the iAnywhere JDBC bridge driver supplied with SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere 8.0.2 and above. Make sure you apply the latest EBF for the driver so that the latest bug fixes are installed. Although the SUN JDBC-ODBC bridge driver can also be used to resolve this issue, the iAnywhere JDBC driver is highly recommended since it is designed to provide optimal performance and stability with SAP databases and Appeon Server.