"Cannot connect to DSN" error when using PB 10.5 with ASA 10/11/12

For users who installed ASA 10, 11, or 12, and installed Appeon Developer to PB 10.5 (by selecting PB 10.5 or selecting multiple PB versions but the highest version is PB 10.5 when installing Appeon Developer), the following errors would occur when deploying the Appeon demo application (as shown in the figure):

00901: Cannot connect to DSN. The database server is AppeonSample.
Failed to generate DWSQL.

Note: These errors would not occur if Appeon Developer is installed to versions higher than PB 10.5, for example, if the user selected PB 10.5 as well as the other PB versions which are higher than PB 10.5 (such as PB 11.5 or PB 12.5) when installing Appeon Developer.

Figure 24. Deployment error

Deployment error

Figure 25. Deployment log

Deployment log

And when the user tests the connection with AppeonSample in the ODBC Data Source Administrator -> System DSN, the following error occurs.

Figure 26. Connection error

Connection error

Cause: This issue is caused by the incompatible versions between the AppeonSample.db file and the ASA database engine.

Solution: Replace the AppeonSample.db file with the file downloaded from the attachment of this article in the Appeon support portal: http://support.appeon.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/72/7/failed-to-connect-the-appeonsampledb-when-using-pb-105-with-asa-101112.

Note: you can find the location of the AppeonSample.db file from ODBC Data Source Administrator.