"Cannot find the language resource file (dblgzh11.dll, dblgen11.dll)"

On a 64-bit machine, when starting the 64-bit EAServer which will then automatically start SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere, you receive an error related with SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere "Cannot find the language resource file (dblgzh11.dll, dblgen11.dll)."

Cause: The error is caused by a bug in EAServer. The SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere installed by EAServer has an extra sub-folder called client\lib32, and some DLL files (such as dblgzh11.dll, dblgen11.dll) were placed to this folder instead of the \win32 folder (\win32 is where files are normally placed by the SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere independent setup program). However, when EAServer is starting, it calls files under \win32, not under client\lib32, when it cannot find files under \win32, it reports the error.

Solution: Copy the DLL files from the \ASA110\client\lib32 folder (not \lib64 folder, though \lib64 folder also exists, but copying files from it cannot resolve the error) to the \ASA110\win32 folder.