Cannot start EAServer Manager

Fail to start EAServer Manager.

Cause: EAServer Manager will not start when the CLASSPATH and/or PATH system environment variables are too long. The EAServer batch files (serverstart.bat, jagmgr.bat, etc.) configure the CLASSPATH environment variable. The Appeon installation program adds several entries to these path variables, which can make it too long for EAServer Manager to handle on some system configurations. When the CLASSPATH variable is over 260 characters, the batch files may fail, preventing EAServer Manager from starting properly.

Solution: There are three workarounds, the user can select one:

1. Usually the EAServer installation path is "C:\Program Files\Sybase\EAServer". If the path is shortened (for example, "D:\EAServer"), the CLASSPATH variable length will be reduced.

2. Use the Control Panel to edit the user and system CLASSPATH variables, and remove unnecessary entries:

Step 1: In Windows launch System Properties from the Control Panel and navigate to the Advanced tab.

Step 2: Click Environmental Variables, and find the CLASSPATH variable.

Step 3: Edit the CLASSPATH variable and reduce the length of the string to less than 260 characters.

It is recommended that you backup the Variable Value for the CLASSPATH before modifying the variable, as this allows you to restore it later.

Step 4: Restart the computer.

3. Create a batch file for setting the CLASSPATH to include the necessary classes:

Step 1: Create a batch file called user_setenv.bat in the EAServer bin directory (%JAGUAR%\bin). %JAGUAR% indicates the EAServer installation directory, for example, C:\Program Files\Sybase\EAServer\.

Step 2: In this file, set the CLASSPATH to include only those classes that you require and that are not added to CLASSPATH in EAServer batch files.

For more information, refer to SAP's EAServer Troubleshooting Guide available at